Valid for 2021

The advantages of our formulas:

Lessons with techniques and fun

Listening instructors

One lesson per week

Four lessons per month

Certified program of 40 courses per level

Access to tutorial videos to practice


Catch-up in case of absence

Possibility to follow all the lessons of the same instructor in the same dance with his permission under reserve of places

Membership fees:   500rs

Monthly subscription: payment is made on the first of each month by juice or transfer or in cash with the instructor no later than the first session of each month.
Semi-annual subscription: from February to June / from July to November, get 20% reduction by choosing this model (5 months)

Trial class : 200rs deducted from the registration.

Individual course : 300rs

Base rate: 700rs per month + 500rs for each additional course (instructor, type of dance, level)

These prices apply for regular group lessons with the exception of Celebs lessons, conditions and registration to do with the latter.

By taking out a subscription, you automatically accept our internal regulations, please read them carefully.