Article 1: Scope of the internal regulations

These internal regulations apply to all members of the school without exclusion. Articles 7, 10, 11 and 12 of the internal regulations also concern non-members taking part in any private or public event of the school.



Article 2: Course registration  

Each candidate wishing to take courses within the school must complete a registration form for the current month as well as by signing the internal regulations with the mention "read and approved" then hand it over to a teacher, accompanied from the rules to the different courses that he wishes to follow. You then have three options for participating in the courses: with a monthly subscription, a semester subscription or the unit course (booklet of 10 units).  The places and times are subject to change depending on the respect of these commitments, the participation and the level at the end of each semester.  



Article 3: Terms of payment and membership

The payment of the monthly installments is made during the first course of each month , by hand, by bank transfer or by juice. Membership costs 500rs, for the period from January 1st to December 31st. This membership is compulsory to participate in dance lessons and gives access to the videos on the website. The school will issue a membership card to each member of the current year. The handing over of this card is valid for receipt of the payment made. It must be presented at each request of a member of the Bureau. Acceptance of membership is given by the Board, which it can accept or refuse.



Article 4: The courses

Dancing is a hobby, but out of respect for everyone it is requested:


- To respect the level which corresponds to it, the quality of the lessons and the learning of the dance depend directly on it,

- To respect the advice and opinions of the instructor on the level of the course that corresponds to him,

- For obvious reasons of convenience and respect for dance partners, it is requested to have a minimum of personal hygiene (bring a towel to wipe face and hand in case of perspiration),

- To be punctual so as not to disrupt the course and assiduous in order to have real progress. (Especially when we are learning a sequence).


There are 4 lessons per month, the 5th lesson of certain months will be considered as a make-up lesson following a past or future canceled lesson. We guarantee 20 lessons per semester or 40 lessons per year in slots!  The school is closed in December and January. It goes without saying that the learning of couples dances is done over the long term, over several years, it is very important not to miss the lessons for a good progression.


Article 5: Commitment

The monthly subscription is a renewable 5-month commitment (from January to June and from July to December), and by signing the registration files you agree to this period, and therefore to pay the monthly payment even in the event of absence . This subscription can only be canceled in the event of incapacitating injury over the entire period, in the event of injury a postponement will be made for the pro-rata subscription to the semester. In both cases, proof will be requested.

If your stoppage is due to a health problem, a medical certificate will be requested, so you can resume classes on a pro rata basis as soon as you recover.

When you do not respect your commitments it is your comrades who you penalize, calling into question the viability of the course in the long term.


Article 6: Health measures related to Covid19

In the event that face-to-face classes are no longer possible due to health restrictions, the lessons will be conducted online and the videos can be replayed on the website throughout the restriction period. The payment conditions will remain the same.


Article 7: Exclusion  

A member may be excluded during the year by the teaching team for the following reasons:


- Dangerous behavior and non-compliance with safety rules

- Derogatory remarks or inappropriate behavior towards other members of the school or office

- Behavior damaging the school or its image

- Non-compliance with internal regulations


The exclusion applies to non-members regarding our private events (evening in bar / restaurant / etc…). In the event of a breach of the spirit of the school, the board may vote for the exclusion of this member. In case of exclusion, there will be no refund possible. (These cases can be made public within the members of the school).


Article 8: Absence from one or more courses  

Once the session has started, no refund is allowed for any reason whatsoever (cancellation of one or more courses or in the event of repetitive absence).  The school cannot be held responsible for the reasons which caused these cancellations or absences. However, the student who has missed the lesson can participate in the same lesson (same level, same dance) on another time slot. The canceled courses will be replaced later or later.

When you are away it is your classmates that you penalize, not the teacher, because you are preventing their progress from maintaining a steady pace.



Article 9: Resumption of lessons in the event of absence

The school is not responsible for student absences.  The resumption of lessons after a long absence is possible after advice from the instructor and the possible follow-up of remedial lessons in order to respect the progress of other members.



Article 10: Theft

The school is not responsible for items lost or stolen during lessons, parties, internships or any other events organized by it.



Article 11: Degradation of the premises

In the event of damage to the premises or sound equipment, the organization will ask the responsible person (s) to repair the damage caused.  



Article 12: Image rights

By joining the school or participating in our events, members and non-members authorize the organization to broadcast images concerning them taken during classes, internships or evenings in order to promote or communicate on its activities. through photos, videos, leaflets, posters, etc. If a member does not wish this dissemination (outside social), he must inform it in writing and hand it over to a teacher.

Rules of Procedure in pdf: