We are looking for prospectors for our dance classes, ie people who will promote the school and therefore go looking for new students! If you have a commercial talent or a circle of influence and you want to round off your ends of the month, contact us.


You will be paid according to the number of people who joined the school through you. It is therefore the sale of a service offered by our school. In the article section of our website, you will find all the arguments to convince.

If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible for more information!

How to do it?

Well it's very simple, firstly you contact us and we share your desire to participate in our program by providing us some basic information: surname, first name, phone number and email.


Then you will share with your family (and less close) the school page, its website and events. So all the necessary information on the site, I'll let you read, including articles "Some good reasons to dance! And "Convince a man to dance" that will help you find a good argument. In addition I leave you here to download the pdf giving all the information of the school to help you the best in your approach:

Registration form:

Some good reasons to dance!

17th februar, 2019


The referral bonuses we offer you:

Like the member referral program, you will get 200rs per person who have joined the school through you, you will have to tell them to write your name on their registration form. The program has only been registered previously.

For every person subscribing to a monthly subscription you will get 200rs. The first registrant does not count and the count starts from the 2nd registered (below 10), then from the 10th I give you a bonus of 1000rs more then 1500rs in the 20th and 2000rs in the 30th etc.


So for example:

  • 2 registered 400rs

  • 9 enrolled 2000rs

  • 10 registered 3000rs

  • 15 registered 4000rs

  • 20 registered 7000rs

For each person subscribing to a half-yearly subscription, you will obtain the equivalent of their first monthly payment:

  • a person who subscribes to 1 dance, you will get 500rs,

  • a person who subscribes to 2 dances, you will get 900rs

  • a person who subscribes to 3 dances, you will get 1200rs


For each person joining an intensive course, you will get 500rs

The payment will be made at the end of the month or as soon as the person has finished paying his biannual subscription or his intensive pack, the premium is paid as soon as the quota is crossed. You are completely free in your choice to operate (as long as it remains legal), just register with me (name first name) so that I can note you every time I see your name on the registration form, which are for download on my website homepage and page rates.


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