Conexión Afro Latina

Your monthly sbk event.
We will alternate between the north, the center and the west depending on availability.

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Salseras, Salseros, Bachateras and Bachateros, Kizomberas and Kizomberos!


I invite you all Saturday, September 21 at Azallé Lounge club to practice the dances that you are passionate about.

In couples dancing, the practice is very important in learning, because one hour of practice would be equivalent to two / three hours of lessons.
We know that practicing salsa or any dance when you are beginner or intermediate is really hard ... Because we are shy and we do not want to annoy our partners.


Here is a setting where you can be comfortable: Connexión Afro Latina ♪


This moment is meant to be a moment of exchange, where dancing is a pleasure and not linked to a level but just the desire to discover, learn or improve.

The musical repertoire will consist of the following styles:

  • Salsa Cuban/Puerto Rican/Colombian (30%)

  • Bachata traditional/remix/dominican (30%)

  • Kizomba (30%)

  • Merengue (10%)

Free admission, thank you for playing the game and consume at the bar/restaurant!

Ps : Le répertoire musical sera entièrement géré par Bailando Latino, vous proposant ainsi les meilleurs morceaux et une bonne répartition en temps des différents styles de musique.

Pss : En participant à nos événements vous acceptez le règlement intérieur disponible en lecture sur le site internet.